Hyderabad: Investment trend in real estate to continue, boom likely in next 3 months

Hyderabad: In spite of the real estate sector suffering badly across the country due to coronavirus the investors still showing interest in the city’s real estate sector which signals a better time in near future.

Investment in real estate in big cities across the country has declined during the last three to five months.

But according to the traders and the companies dealing in real estate and real estate survey companies, there is no decline in the trend to invest in the real estate properties in Hyderabad and its surrounding areas.

Though a slight decline has been noticed due to the closure of the property registration office but still the sale and purchase transactions of the properties in the city are going on.

According to the officials of different real estate companies, Hyderabad real estate sector shall witness a boom in the next three to five months which would lead to a substantial increase in property prices especially when state government has increased the property registration fees recently.

In view of the upward trend in the real estate investment in Hyderabad the investors from across the country or keenly watching the sector in the city.