Hyderabad: ‘Jowar roti’ demand in full swing as citizens opt for healthy diet

Hyderabad: Jonna roti, popularly known as ‘Jowar ki roti’ has picked up pace in its demand as citizens have started craving healthy options lately.

A number of roadside stalls with minimal investments, selling the Jowar bread are growing with the flatbreads being sold out the moment they are made.

These flatbreads that are made by women entrepreneurs in a unique fashion without using a rolling pin claim that they have learned the tricks of making it from their predecessors

Speaking to The Siasat Daily, Nazia, an entrepreneur in the field for nine years, revealed that the business has boomed after people discovered the health benefits of Jowar.

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She further said that people reviewed the flatbreads to have improved their digestion after consuming them on a regular basis.

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Making of these flatbreads is challenging as they are made with bare hands that are further exposed to high temperatures while roasting the bread.

With sorghum being the major crop in most of the districts of Telangana, its health benefits are being circulated among citizens increasing the demand.

The flatbreads are primarily consumed for dinner and people prefer buying them from their stalls with the making process being tricky.

The cost of these bread has also increased owing to demand and inflation.

With the business boom, these women, with no training and education have found a way to earn their livelihood.