Hyderabad: JUH urges imams to mobilize voters in Friday sermons

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The Jamiat Ulama Hind Telangana and A.P. (Mahmood Madani group) is urging its members and mosque administrators to motivate Muslims to pledge their votes in the upcoming LS elections.

As a socio-religious organization primarily consisting of Muslim clerics, Islamic scholars, and imams, the Jamiat is highlighting the importance of political participation among the Muslim community.

In their recommendation, the Jamiat suggests that khateebs, who deliver sermons before Friday prayers, include a call for voting in their sermons. They aim to encourage worshippers to not only pledge their own votes but also ensure that their family members exercise their voting rights.

Additionally, the Jamiat Ulama Hind plans to launch an awareness campaign across all 33 districts of the State. This campaign aims to highlight the significance of voting and civic engagement among the electorate, fostering a sense of responsibility and participation in the democratic process.

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