Hyderabad: Kasturba Gandhi students fell sick due to foul smell from garbage, says DCP

Hyderabad: Around 50 students of Kasturba Gandhi College in Hyderabad fell sick as a foul smell spread from garbage being lifted from a nearby spot on Friday.

“Some of the students of Kasturba Gandhi Degree and Junior college were having their lunch on the second floor. Suddenly some foul smell was spreading in the rooms and around 50 students were getting breathless, and vomiting sensations. Immediately Police rushed to the spot and shifted the students to Geetha Nursing Home,” said North Zone Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chandana Deepthi, Hyderabad.

Police said the investigating team ascertained that the reason for the foul smell is the lifting of garbage nearby around the same time.

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“So far no complaints were received and all the students are safe,” added the DCP.

Earlier on Friday, it was reported that 25 students suffered from giddiness and fell ill after an alleged chemical gas leak in a lab in Hyderabad’s Kasturba Government College.

Forensic teams reached the spot to ascertain which gas got leaked.