Hyderabad Kesari Wrestling Championship to be held Jan 27, 28

Hyderabad: The 24th Hyderabad Kesari Wrestling Championship, coinciding with the Republic Day celebrations, will be held on January 27 and 28 at Barkas Grounds.

The annual event is organised by Samaj Sewak Welfare Association in association with Bamas Akhada Barkas.

International referees and acclaimed wrestlers will participate in the tournament and oversee the matches. The wrestling competitions will be held in different weight categories. World Professional Wrestling Hub office bearers will attend the event as well.

The older parts of the Hyderabad are home to several mud-pit akhadas set up by well-known pahelwans who wrestled at championships and won titles like Telangana Kesari, Telangana State Champions, Hyderabad Kesari and others. Boys undergo zor (practice) every day, and learn daavs (techniques) from their coaches. Customary methods like dand (similar to dips), baithak (squats) with hasil (iron ring) and rassa (rope) are some of the traditional exercises. Every day, the trainers get the sportsmen to level the red mud ground with spades for friendly kushti in the akhadas.