Hyderabad: Khajaguda lake, adjoining road to be developed further, says KTR

Hyderabad: MA&UD minister KT Rama Rao (KTR) on Friday said that the Khajaguda lake along with the adjoining road will further be developed into a noticeably more beautiful place. He also hinted at exclusive events being conducted there on weekends to make the place more recreational for families.

The minister said this as a response to a child’s tweet thanking him for developing the Khajaguda Lake road. The tweet also requested for measures to be taken to make the road traffic free on weekends.

“Thank you #KTR uncle for the beautiful #Khajaguda Lake road showing the #HiTech #Hyderabad. Pic Credit – @babakishore Wish if there are no vehicles moving on this road on weekend evenings, kids can walk freely. @KTRTRS #TanishMutta,” the tweet said.

The minister responded to the tweet: “Hey Tanish, Thanks for the kind words. We want to make this road and the adjoining lake even more beautiful place for families and kids to hang out.

@ZC_SLP is working on it and hopefully we can do something in the lines of an exclusive event for weekends.”