Hyderabad: Kids refuse to eat ‘halal’ chocolates brought by Muslim classmate

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Hyderabad: In an incident laying bare the anti-Muslim indoctrination among children, a group of Class-4 students at an ICSE school in Banjara Hills refused to eat chocolates brought by their Muslim classmate, saying they don’t eat ‘halal’ things.

A parent, whose child is in the same school, took to social media to narrate the incident, claiming his child received extra chocolates after others refused to eat them.

“My youngest son studies in Grade 4 in an ICSE school in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Most of his classmates are Marwaris and Sindhis and a few Muslims. Today he came home and told us that he ate six chocolates,” CA Ajmal Mohiuddin wrote in a Facebook post.

According to Mohiuddin, the incident occurred on March 20.

When asked, his son replied it was a (Muslim) classmate’s birthday who had brought chocolates to distribute in class.

“We asked him who gave him so many and he told me that it was a classmates birthday and he got four extra chocolates because three to four of his other friends refused to accept those chocolates,” he continued.

“Out of curiosity, I asked him how such small boys would refuse the chocolates. He told me that those boys said those chocolates were Halal and hence they can’t eat them,” he continued.

When asked what chocolates were those, Mohiuddin’s son replied they was Cadbury’s.

“I asked him what was the name of the birthday boy and he told me some Muslim name, which I do not remember now. I asked him the names of his friends who refused to accept those chocolates. Those were typical Marwari names,” Mohiuddin claimed.

Mohiuddin further said that he spoke to the class teacher, who confirmed the incident. The class teacher was Christian.

“I realised then those boys and girls refused to accept the chocolates from a boy just because he was a Muslim and they have been told at home not to eat anything given by a Muslim. I called the class teacher who happens to be a Christian and she confirmed my suspicion and also said that she can’t force the children to accept those chocolates,” his Facebook post read.

“Such is the indoctrination among such young minds. We never had such a thing. We never cared whether our classmates were Hindus or Muslims or Christians. Wonder where we are heading,” his Facebook post concluded.

While many condemned the blatant religious discrimination, Mohiuddin alleged that he encountered toxic religious trolls. “Many people have advised me to block those toxic trolls on my posts. I wouldn’t want to do it since I want the world to know how much hate-filled these educated people are,” his Facebook post on Sunday read.

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