Hyderabad: Lamakaan celebrates its 13th anniversary

Hyderabad: Lamakaan, an open cultural space in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, is celebrating the 13th anniversary of its founding. A rich fare of music, talks and performances is on the cards for the celebration.

“Lamakaan’s 13th anniversary is a special day. We look back on this great journey that continues to inspire us as we look, hope and aspire for a more inclusive, equitable future. Lamakaan is a special critical place that society has claimed to be its own and we reaffirm our commitment to keeping it that way,” said Kranthi, manager of Lamakaan.

Over the last year, Lamakaan hosted over 316 events and has been the venue for 65 plays, 12 workshops, 16 talks, 91 movie screenings and a few documentaries.

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20 organic bazaars, 18 musical events, a few storytelling sessions, exhibitions, poetry readings, and several other events took place at Lamakaan in 2022.

Lamakaan was founded in 2010, by a group of Hyderabadis on a small property off the busy Road Number 1 in Banjara Hills. Its founding vision was to create a hub for progressive cultural practices.

Various events are being organised by Lamakaan for its anniversary celebrations from March 11 to March 16. All the events will begin at 7.30 pm.

Here is a schedule of the events:

March 10 – Come Eat with Me: A unique performance by Vamsi that blends theater with food and audience and the performer eat together and explore dalit food cuisine, diversity

Match 11 – We Push the Sky: Qabila presents stories of friendships in the times of turmoil and communal rhetoric written and performed by Niha Abulla.

March 12 – Rich Media : Poor Journalism: Hartosh Singh Bal, writer, journalist talks about the growing schism between media that is increasingly polarised and polarising and journalism that needs to speak to the Truth

March 13 – Listening to Thumri: Viday Rao, the award-winning thumri maestro will introduce Thumri singing, its tradition, history and nuanced appreciation in a lecture and listening session.

March 15 – Purane Gaane with Yaseen Khan: Yaseen Khan is a violinist, rabaab player and composer. He has played for India’s top music directors and films that range from Zanjeer to Umrao Jaan and from Naushad to Bhappi Lahari.

March 16 – Dance and Dialogue: Haleem Khan the famous Kuchipudi dancer, breaks conventions around the art traditions of dance forms in an interactive performance