Hyderabad: Lamborghini set ablaze over money issues, case booked

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Hyderabad: A Lamborghini worth Rs 1 crore was set on fire by a group at the Pahadi Shareef area. It is believed that the group, who posed as potential buyers for the sports car, had ulterior motives.

According to Pahadi Shareef police, Neeraj, the owner of the Lamborghini, asked his friends to look for buyers for his car. Through word of mouth, it reached one Ahmed, who was friends with Neeraj’s friend, Aman Haider.

Ahmed, who posed as a prospective buyer, asked Aman to bring the vehicle to a farmhouse at Mamidipalli on the evening of April 13.

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Aman, accompanied by another friend Hamdan, crossed Mamidipalli Vivekananda junction and instead of proceeding towards the farmhouse, turned towards the Hyderabad airport route.

After sometime, Aman was apporached by Ahmed and his friends who allege that Neeraj, the owner of the sports car, owned them money.

Aman tried to convince the angry group for a reconcilation but in vain. The group poured petrol and burnt the Lamborghini.

The vehicle was gutted by the time police arrived. The Pahadi Shareef police registered a case. So far, no one has been arrested. Investigations are on.

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