Hyderabad: Large gathering of worshippers in mosques on first Friday of Ramzan

Hyderabad: Large gatherings of worshippers were seen in mosques in Greater Hyderabad to offer prayer on the first Friday of Ramzan.

In view of the surging Covid-19 cases, precautionary measures were taken in the mosques.  No one was allowed to enter mosques without a face mask.  Arrangements were made to maintain social distancing during the prayers.

The Imams and Khatibs delivered sermons exhorting the believers to follow Covid-19 protocols. Special prayers were said for the end of the pandemic.

Thousands of devotees offered prayer in historic Makkah Masjid with great fervour. Worshippers entered the mosque with face mask and most of them brought their prayer mat with them.  The prayer was lead by Hafiz and Qari Mohammed Rizwan Qureshi.  

The superintendent of Makkah Masjid personally overseen the prayer arrangements in the mosque.

Other mosques of the city too witnessed large gatherings of the worshippers. 

Cleanliness drive

It is pertinent to note that, every year, before the onset of Ramzan, the municipality undertakes a cleanliness drive.  But there is no such drive this year.  On the third day of Ramzan piles of garbage is seen on the city roads and streets particularly near the mosques.

Due to the non-clearance of waste, an unbearable stench is emanating from the garbage.  If this situation persists it may lead to many diseases. 

Cleanliness is necessary to fight the pandemic. The careless attitude of the Municipal authorities is leading to anger among the public.