Hyderabad likely to receive rainfall till September 8

Hyderabad: India Meteorological Department (IMD) Hyderabad on Sunday forecasted that the city will receive rainfall till September 8.

As per the forecast, apart from light to moderate rainfall, many areas of Hyderabad are also likely to witness intense spells.

The maximum and minimum temperatures in the city are expected to be in the range of 31-33 degrees Celsius and 22-23 degrees Celsius respectively.

Rainfall in other districts of Telangana

The weather department also forecasted that the other districts of Telangana are also likely to receive light to moderate rainfall.

A few places are expected to witness heavy rainfall.

The maximum and minimum temperatures in the state are expected to be in the range of 33-35 degrees Celsius and 21-24 degrees Celsius respectively.

IMD warning for other states

Not only Telangana, but other states are also likely to witness heavy rainfall in the next few days.

As per IMD, many states including Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Odisha are expected to receive heavy rainfall.

As heavy rainfall continues to hit parts of Himachal Pradesh, the tourists and local citizens of the state continue to face difficulties and bear damage to public properties.

The death toll due to rain-triggered landslides and other weather-related incidents rose to 22 in the state.

In Odisha, the intensity of spells of rain is expected to rise from September 6. The rainfall is likely to continue till September 8.