Hyderabad likely to witness early onset of summer: IMD

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The city residents are preparing for the annual struggle against the intense summer heat as March draws near. A prediction from Hyderabad’s India Meteorological Department (IMD) suggests that summer will arrive early in the March, whereas it usually begins around March 21.

Dr A Shravani of IMD-Hyderabad said that although temperatures are predicted to stay mostly in the average range in the first week of March. The temperatures will probably go up in the second week, which will mark the official start of summer.

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She added, “The signs are clear that summer is knocking on our doors sooner than expected.”

The IMD official claimed that although February seemed like it had more heat and humidity than usual, these conditions were typical for this time of year.

She referred to February as a month of meteorological turbulence and noted the unpredictable weather that Hyderabad experienced. Hyderabad noticed a range of changes, including abrupt reductions and surges in temperature, as well as fog and overcast skies. She said, “Instead of a steady upward trend, it has been a month of oscillations.”

According to IMD-Hyderabad’s most recent forecast, the city can anticipate partly overcast skies and haze through March 5.

The highest temperature is expected to be about 35 degrees Celsius on average throughout this time, with nightly lows of about 23 degrees Celsius.

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