Hyderabad Lockdown: Cops help stranded family catch train

Hyderabad: Lockdowns in itself are harrowing, as life comes to a standstill. Worse is when something untoward happens and one is left with no options for help. It was that exact situation for a family which got stuck on the road at Narayanguda while it was on its way to the Kachiguda railway station to catch a train. Luckily for them, two good natured cops were passing, and the duo stopped and helped out.

Two police officers from the Narayanguda police station were patrolling while on duty, and found the family stranded on the road in their car near the Narayanguda cemetery. Mahendra and Venu Gopal, the cops, saw that the car had broken down. The incident took place on Thursday. then helped the catch the train after their tyre broke down due to punctured tyre on Thursday. 

The family had to catch a train at 9 p.m. from the Kachiguda railway station to reach their village. However, due to a tyre puncture, the family was stuck and needed help. Seeing the situation, the two officers helped them replace the tyre and sent the car back home with the family members who had come to drop them to the station. 

At the moment, the passengers had only 10 minutes left to reach the station, so the officers said they called their detective from the police station, who responded promptly and sent his vehicle. With that, the police officials helped the passengers reach the station in time. The incident will perhaps instill some confidence on the police in the public, given that several instances of police brutality had come to light during the last lockdown.

However, unfortunately, even this lockdown has not gone all too well for the city. A day earlier on Wednesday, a Muslim driver was allegedly tortured by traffic police personnel at a police station in Shamshabad near the Hyderabad airport on the outskirts of the city.

Mohammed Subhan, a DCM driver, alleged on Wednesday that he was physically tortured at the police station in Shamshabad where was kept under custody for three days. Subhan said a traffic police officer used abusive language and also asked him to “go to Pakistan”. He was let-off by the police at the intervention of Hyderabad member of Parliament Asaduddin Owaisi.

The driver claimed that a traffic policeman had clicked a picture of his vehicle when he was driving through the vegetable market in Shamshabad. He got down from his vehicle and requested the policeman to delete the picture and not slap a fine on him in view of the lockdown. The driver alleged that the policeman then abused and also slapped him.