Hyderabad: ‘Loud music at night to end soon’, says CV Anand

Hyderabad: City police commissioner CV Anand on Sunday said that authorities will soon put an end to loud music being played at night.

The statement comes soon after loud music was played near the Commissioner’s residence in Jubilee Hills in the wee hours of Sunday. The commissioner claimed that he called 100 and did not reveal his identity while making the complaint.

“I was happy with the response of Dial 100 response system and the patrol cars and Blue Colts. There will be a similar response irrespective of who calls 100 for help,” Anand said.

Speaking of the incident the commissioner said, “He went on to say that moving forward, there will be a similar response irrespective of who dials 100. The city police are planning to implement stringent steps to deal with noise pollution after 10 pm.”

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“We used to get many calls about noises from pubs. That has been reduced considerably after we met and counselled pub and eatery owners two months back” he further said.