Hyderabad: Madina Education to felicitate author Ubaidur Rahman

Hyderabad: Madina Education and Welfare Society will be holding a ‘get together’ event to felicitate author Syed Ubaidur Rahman on Friday.

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The event will begin at 6:30 pm at Sir Syed Conference Hall, Madina Education Centre, P.G. Road, Hyderabad.

Delhi-based author, Rahman is famous for his book titled ‘Forgotten Muslim Empires of South India’.

While the Muslim history in north India is well documented, the history of Muslims in the Deccan hasn’t caught the same attention.

Rahman’s latest book tries to correct this mistake and bring back the Muslim sultanates of the Deccan and south India into focus.

The voluminous book of 664 pages, contains a more than three hundred fifty page chapter on the Bahmani Empire alone.