Hyderabad man befriends women on matrimonial websites to cheat them, held

Hyderabad: A 38-year-old man from Hyderabad, identified as Tumma Mohan Reddy, has been arrested for befriending women on matrimonial websites with the intention of cheating them. The police recovered gold, a chequebook, a credit card, and a mobile phone from him.

Mohan Reddy’s modus operandi involved befriending women on matrimonial websites and then inviting them to a hotel under the pretext of personal interaction, where he would steal their valuables. His strategy included fleeing with stolen gold ornaments and other valuables when women go to the washroom.

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The police revealed that the Hyderabad man used to register on various matrimonial websites using false names, targeting women, including divorcees and widows. In a specific instance, he gained the trust of a woman on a matrimonial site and persuaded her to transfer Rs 9 lakh into his account. Subsequently, after receiving the amount, he became unreachable.

Mohan Reddy faces multiple cases in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He was apprehended by the Monda Market police on Thursday.