Hyderabad: Man dies after ramming bike into graveyard wall

Hyderabad: A businessman died after he lost control of his Activa bike and rammed into a boundary wall of a graveyard at Samatha Colony Road Shaikpet on Tuesday, February 6, in the morning.

The deceased, Mohammed Arshad, 22 years old, was a resident of Gulshan colony in Shaikpet and was going to Satya colony, Shaikpet to Seven Tombs Road when he lost control of his Activa bike and hit the graveyard wall, suffering head injuries.

He was rushed to a private hospital at Nanalnagar where the doctors declared him dead on arrival. The accident happened at 5.30 am.

A case is booked at Filmnagar police station under Section 304A of IPC.

The Filmnagar police maintained Arshad was driving at a high speed and didn’t wear a helmet.