Hyderabad: Man dies awaiting last glimpse of son stranded in Dubai

Jeddah: A Hyderabadi youth, who has been stranded in Dubai after his employer marked him as absconding and fell victim to credit card scam, has lost ailing father back home in India. The youth was not able to fulfill his father’s last wish to see and hug him.

Younus Khan, the father of stranded youth Shoaib Khan, had developed cardiac issues. He was struggling to maintain his family and also support his distressed son in Dubai. His health deteriorated and despite the doctors’ advice, he ran from pillar to post to rescue his lone son.

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Younus Khan finally passed away on Sunday in Hyderabad without seeing his son. The grief-stricken family woes aggravated as their son was not able to catch his beloved father’s last glimpse.

Shoaib Khan, a resident of Rethi Bowli in Hyderabad, has been stranded in Dubai for nearly 9 months and claims that he was fraudulently implicated in a credit card scam, which he was not aware of. He was notified as absconder by his employer that prevents him from leaving the country.

According to Shoaib Khan, he was notified as an absconder by the employer only following his approach to local authorities seeking justice. Shoaib Khan complained that he was brought to the Gulf by some individuals of Hyderabad city, who are based in Dubai.

His plight was highlighted by Siasat.com. Being the only son and eldest among six siblings, raised in a poor family, he was desperately trying to travel to Hyderabad to see his ailing father.

When the demise news reached the community in Dubai, many people across caste and creed rushed to aid the distressed Shoaib Khan. Telangana Jagruti president Mozzam Ali shared the information.

Prominent Indian community members in Dubai, B Vivek, SV Reddy, Masiuddin, Salahuddin and Faheem among others visited the Hyderabadi youth in Dubai and condoled the death of his father.

They also offered all possible support to him to prove his innocence and repatriate him back home.