Hyderabad: Man duped of Rs 1.4 lakh by scammers posing as bank officials

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Hyderabad: A 52-year-old retired man fell victim to a scam involving a fake bank officer.

The victim, who holds four credit cards, including one from HDFC Bank, received a call from a fraudster posing as a bank officer from a toll-free number. The caller claimed to be from the victim’s bank and requested One Time Passwords (OTPs) to verify certain transactions.

Believing the call to be legitimate, the victim provided the OTPs on three separate occasions. Consequently, three high-value transactions amounting to Rs. 1,39,895 were debited from his account.

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Upon realizing the fraudulent nature of the transactions, the victim immediately contacted his bank and reported the unauthorised activities. The bank has assured him that they will investigate the matter thoroughly. The victim has requested that necessary action be taken to address the situation and prevent such incidents in the future.

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