Hyderabad man duped of Rs 20 L by fake Mumbai cybercrime cop

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Authorities filed a complaint against an individual who had defrauded a resident of Hyderabad of Rs 19.95 lakh by impersonating as a cop from Mumbai cybercrime branch.

According to reports, the fraudster got in touch with the victim and made up a story about the packages he had received containing prohibited items, tricking him into thinking a lawsuit had been filed against him.

The accused intimidated the victim during a video call by dressing like a police officer and demanding a large sum in order to settle the case. 

The victim gave in to pressure and gave the fraudster a sum of Rs 19.95 lakh.  The victim filed a complaint with the local police station, demanding action against the accused, after realising he had been duped.

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