Hyderabad: Man killed with granite boulder in Bagh Lingampally, 1 arrested

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: A 72-year-old man was discovered brutally killed as he slept on a pushcart on a footpath in Bagh Lingampally early on Sunday, March 17.

The perpetrator fatally struck the victim’s head with a large granite boulder, causing immediate death, the Chikkadpally police said.

The city police apprehended an individual Chepuri Narender, aged 41 years on Tuesday, March 19 and named him the accused in the case of killing the victim, Shastry Gopal Reddy.

According to the police, the accused migrated to Hyderabad from Suryapet for catering work and took temporary shelter at Sundaraiah Park, Bagh Lingampally and became friends with the victim who worked under vegetable vendors and took shelter and slept in the park.

A few days ago, both of them clashed in connection with the issue of keeping Narender’s luggage beside a pan shop adjacent to the park’s premises.

The deceased refused to keep the bag of the accused. The police said that Narender indulged in the murder due to this reason.

The cops further said that Narender was arrested in a case previously filed at the Suryapet town police station.

According to a press release, the task force of the central zone team verified the CCTV footage at all possible places, analyzed footage from surveillance cameras and also verified the modus operandi of accused persons and identified the accused.

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