Hyderabad man kills daughter over dispute with wife

Hyderabad: A man allegedly killed his own eight-year-old daughter in Hyderabad, said police, adding that his matrimonial disputes with his wife led to this brutal murder.

The accused, who was identified as Kundeti Chandra Shekar(40), was arrested by the Telangana police. The deceased has been identified as Baby Kundeti Mokshaja, said Police.

According to the police, Shekar’s matrimonial dispute with her wife started when the latter started earning more salary than him.

The Police said that On Friday at 10:47 PM, they received a PCR call informing that one male person with blood-stained clothes along with one deceased girl found in a car near Koheda X road, Hyderabad. On receiving the information,  Police visited the spot, finding one person sitting in the driver’s seat of the vehicle and the dead body of the deceased girl in the rear seat. The deceased girl has a grievous cut injury on her throat, said the police.

According to the police, the accused confessed that on 19-03-2011 he was married to one Himabindu, who is a software employee and working as a manager, but the accused is working as a junior employee and getting less salary than his wife, upon which they both used to quarreled on the same issue.

They have also worked in various companies in Hyderabad, Banglore and USA. Later they were blessed with one baby girl Kundeti Mokshaja, now aged about 8 yrs, studying 4th standard in Jyothi Vidyalaya High School in BHEL, said the police

His wife was working in Cap Gemini and getting a high salary, but he did not have a job. Eight months ago, his wife left him and went to her mother’s house at BHEL and stayed there, the police said.

Since then his wife is evading him and not spoken to him properly and has not allowed his daughter Mokshaja to talk with him. On that, he used to visit his daughter’s school to see her, take her with him and used to buy things for her and drop her back to his wife’s home, Police said.

According to the Police, the accused said that his wife and their family members did not treat him well and she is living happily with his daughter on the contrary he is facing financial problems.

Due to this he bore a grudge against her wife and wanted to take revenge on his wife and hatched a plan to kill his daughter.

As per his plan, one week back he purchased a sharp pencil cutter knife in a shop at Chandanagar and kept it in his car and was waiting for an opportunity to kill his daughter, said police.

“As per his plan, on 18-08-2023 at about 03:15 PM, the accused went to his daughter’s school i.e. Jyothi Vidyalaya High School, BHEL and picked her daughter in the back seat of his car. Thereafter he went to BHEL township, Ramachandrapuram, Sanga Reddy district stopped there and went to his daughter in the back seat and talked with her for a while and told her about his problems, that his daughter told him to talk with her mother. Then the accused took his daughter on his lap and hold her tightly with his left hand. And took the knife from his car and forcibly cut his daughter’s throat with his right hand due to which she died instantaneously,” said the Police.

After that, the accused proceeded in the same car towards Vijayawada via Outer Ring Road in order to dump the dead body of the deceased on the outskirts of Hyderabad. On the way, when he reached near Koheda X road on ORR,  the accused hit a divider due to which the car’s front right tyre busted and stopped. Then a person saw the dead body inside the car, and he informed the  Police, said the police.