Hyderabad: Man murders wife following argument over cooking

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Tragedy struck in Bachupally on Tuesday when a woman, identified as Raveena Dubey (26), was allegedly murdered by her husband, Shyam Dubey, following an argument over her cooking.

Raveena, a homemaker, and Shyam, a construction worker, had been embroiled in frequent disputes over trivial matters in recent days. However, tensions reached a boiling point when Shyam expressed dissatisfaction with Raveena’s cooking.

The disagreement escalated into a violent confrontation, during which Shyam reportedly struck Raveena with a brick. The attack resulted in severe bleeding injuries, claiming Raveena’s life on the spot.

Upon receiving the report, the Bachupally police promptly intervened, booking a case and taking Shyam into custody as the primary suspect in the case.

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