Hyderabad: Man stabbed to death, accused NRI wanted to marry his wife

Hyderabad: Police have apprehended an NRI, Adnan Hussain, and his uncle for their their alleged involvement in murder of Syed Ghouse Mohiuddin that occurred in Film Nagar. They were also charged with harbouring the accused.

According to victim’s brother Syed Anwar Mohiuddin, Adnan Hussain allegedly intruded into the residence of Ghouse in Jai Hind Colony, Shaikpet. He forcibly dragged the victim’s wife out of the house, and when Ghouse Mohiuddin tried to intervene, Adnan stabbed him.

Film Nagar police said that the motive behind the crime suggests that the accused was allegedly pressuring Ghouse’s wife to divorce her husband and marry him instead.

Adnan and the victim’s wife first met during their higher studies in the UK. Following her return to India, Adnan allegedly continued to harass her making calls from the UK.

The victim’s brother revealed that Ghouse had previously attempted to file a complaint, but police had not registered it. DCP assured action against anyone found guilty, including the police for failing to register the complaint.

The police arrested both Adnan Hussain and his uncle, who were involved in this tragic incident. The legal proceedings will follow as the investigation are underway.