Hyderabad: Markets close in protest against blasphemous statements

Hyderabad: Many commercial establishments on Thursday downed shutters expressing protest against the blasphemous statement of Nupur Sharma.

Shops at Famous mobile phone Jagdish market, Troop Bazaar, Jambagh and Abids were shut down in the evening to register the protest against the disrespect of Prophet Mohammed.

Hyderabad which usually bustles with business was filled with slogans demanding action against Nupur Sharma, former BJP spokesperson. All shops in the busy business hub and heart of the city were shut demanding action against those causing disrespect to the founder of Islam.

After downing the shutters, the shop owners had affixed posters “We Protest against the disrespect of pur beloved Prophet Muhammad” on the shutters.

Amid tenseful situations across the country, city police are on tenterhooks but the sudden protest programme by the owners of the shop have taken them to surprise.