Hyderabad: Marut Drones deliver mineral exploration drone to NMDC

Hyderabad: Marut Drones, leading drone manufacturer in India, delivered drones to National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) on Tuesday, January 30, to help launch “Drone-Based Mineral Exploration” in India.

Marking a significant historical milestone, not only are these drones a first for the nation, but they also introduce cutting-edge sensors that are being used in India for the first time and are especially made for mineral research.

CEO of Marut Drones Prem Kumar Vislawath expressed enthusiasm about the association with NMDC, stating, “We are the leading drone manufacturer in the country, building drones for agriculture, reforestation, and for other purposes. This is for the first time in India that we have built a drone for mineral exploration. It’s an Octaquad Coaxial X8 drone that we have specially designed for NMDC.”

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The goal of the drone is to increase the speed of the magnetic survey by five times while decreasing the cost by ten times. Drones may now fly closer to the surface thanks to this developing technology, which improves data collection and makes surveys more economical and effective right away.

It is anticipated that NMDC’s drone-based mineral exploration would significantly alter the way that mineral prospecting is now done in the nation and revive mining discoveries, particularly in greenfield deposits.

Marut’s use of cutting-edge technology and made-in-India parts of drones demonstrates how homegrown technology has the ability to set the standard for environmentally friendly mining methods.