Hyderabad mechanical engineer’s kite making guide is going viral

Hyderabad: In a whimsical fusion of art and engineering, a social media post that the age-old craft of kite making from the mechanical engineering perspective, just in time for Makar Sankranti, is breaking the internet.

A mechanical engineer from Hyderabad, driven by the imaginative aspirations of his 5-year-old nephew in Bangalore, shared the intricacies of constructing a perfect kite. From placing sticks strategically to creating holes for ropes, the engineer weaves a tale that goes beyond mere craftsmanship.

Kite string tying: A Mechanical Engineer’s technical guide
byu/smilesalways24 inhyderabad

Delving into the physics of flight, the engineer imparts wisdom on the importance of balance – emphasising the ideal distance between holes, the significance of varied string lengths, and the delicate dance of tension and flexibility. Each piece of advice is a meticulous stroke in the engineer’s canvas, transforming the simple act of kite-making into a symphony of forces and resistances.

They skillfully balance the delicate relationship between tension and flexibility to guarantee that every kite moves with grace and can survive the vagaries of the sky.