Hyderabad: Meerpet murder mystery solved, accused held

Hyderabad: In a breakthrough on Saturday, the Meerpet police solved the murder mystery of Madar Ushaiah Anuradha (42), a resident of Yakutpura, Charminar, and nabbed the accused during the early hours of Saturday.

The police were on a hunt for the accused since the victim was found murdered on April 24. The accused, a resident of Ranga Reddy district, has been identified as Jarpula Manja Naik (27).

According to the police, the accused had approached the victim, asking for sexual favors from her while she was waiting near IS Sadan, Santoshnagar, to catch a ride back home. They reached an agreement for a sum of Rs.1000 and headed for the accused’s house where they had consensual sexual intercourse and fell asleep in the same room.

“While leaving the accused’s residence, Anuradha stole cash worth Rs 5000 from the accused’s purse upon which the duo got into an altercation. In an attempt to get his money back the accused pushed Anuradha to the ground and choked her, on failing, he decided to kill her by smashing her head with a boulder,” said a Meerpet police official.

According to the police, the victim had sustained head injuries and died on the spot, after which the accused dumped her body in an open plot at Lokayukta Colony, Badangpet, and fled the scene.

The police have registered a case against the accused under IPC section 302 (Punishment for murder).