Hyderabad: Metro employees call for strike demanding hike, HMR calls claims ‘false’

Hyderabad: Contract employees of the Hyderabad Metro rail reportedly called for a strike demanding a hike in their salary.

Several media reports said that concerned over the increase in salaries for 5 years, the employees working on the Red line route called for a strike and abstained from duties.

The HMR management in a statement condemned the strike and called the protest ‘highly against the public interest’.

“Few ticketing staff under a contracting agency have connived and abstained from work today to disrupt train operations, causing passenger inconvenience. They are also spreading rumours and misinformation out of vested interest. Their claims are false and their actions are highly against the public interest, which will call for stern action by the HMR management. The management ensures due facilities and benefits are given to staff; However, they will discuss with them to learn more. Train operations are running on time and sufficient manpower is available,” the statement read.