Hyderabad Metro to give ‘loyalty bonus’ to its loyal customers via lottery

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad Metro Rail on Thursday announced a loyalty bonus to loyal customers as a part of their fifth-anniversary celebrations.

The officials released a list of smart card IDs like the lottery system. If a customer’s ID matches the smart card ID then they have been directed to contact the metro rails nearby.

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The Hyderabad Metro department said, “Check if your IDs match with the selected ones and send us your details on the below-mentioned numbers. Call us on 040-23332555, WhatsApp at 7995999533.”

The list of IDs released is as follows: 10100003890119, 101000010715659, 10100001417850, 10100004374980, 10100000006433, 10100001930276, 10100002449022, 101000011214385, and 10100002975875.

The last date to share your details is November 28 at 1 pm post afternoon.