Hyderabad: Misrigunj-Kalapather road cries for attention; commuters irked

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Motorists using the Misrigunj-Kalapather road are facing problems due to the bad road conditions. The stretch from Misrigunj to Kalapather through Bilalnagar Shujath Hotel is ridden with potholes and deep trenches.

“At a distance of a hundred meters there are potholes and craters. The narrow road causes a back-breaking ride to the commuters,” complained Syed Tajamul, a resident of Kalapather.

The route is an important stretch for motorists commuting between Kalapather and Charminar. A large number of auto rickshaws ply on the route ferrying hundreds of people throughout the day.

“When it rains the potholes are filled with water aggravating the problem of the road users. Potholes come under a sheet of water and people are unable to notice it and fall down after a vehicle lands in the potholes,” said Mahmood, who runs a small shop near Shujath Hotel.

The situation is the same near the labour adda at Kalapather. The road surface eroded due to heavy rains and slush accumulated on the road. “People often end up quarreling after dirty water is splashed on them by passing vehicles,” informed Shaik Mahmood Ali, a local resident.

The road conditions at the Misrigunj junction are no different. Motorists complain the big potholes are damaging the vehicle engines besides posing a threat to public safety. “Not only human beings, even vehicles are damaged due to big craters on the road. It’s a horrible situation when it rains,” lamented Rasheed Khan, a local businessman.

People want the authorities to immediately take up road repair works on the stretch and rid them of inconvenience.

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