Hyderabad: Modified silencers robbing citizens of their peace

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Hyderabad: Aftermarket silencers or modified silencers attached to motorcycles are robbing citizens of peacefulness in their homes. The deafening sound of Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles with loud silencers zooming through residential colonies is leaving senior citizens and children irritated. Many are questioning the police for not curbing the menace.

“Particularly patients who are on bed rest are disturbed due to loud noises from modified motorcycle silencers in Hyderabad. We can understand people are irresponsible to do thiis, but what about the Hyderabad traffic police, and law and order patrolling teams,” asked Mohd Hussain, a resident of Falaknuma in the Old City.

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Hyderabad: Traffic police seize 1,000 modified bike silencers

Citizens complain that the problem is more with Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles because the owners think it is their right to use modified silencers for such bikes. However, on its part, the Hyderabad Traffic Police has restricted the use of aftermarket silencers keeping in view the noise and environment pollution it causes.

Two weeks ago, the Hyderabad police during a special drive booked 1,910 cases booked against the violators and seized 1,000 modified silencers were confiscated.

The problem is more in the Old City areas of Hyderabad where the traffic police is visible only on the main thoroughfares and not present on smaller roads roads in areas like Kalapther, Misrigunj, Fatehdarwaza, Aghapura, Mallepally Badi Masjid, Bibi k Chasma, Kandikalgate, and Chatrinaka.

“Motorcycle riders avoid the main road for fear of getting caught. The Hyderabad traffic police should focus on other roads and the law and order police should be asked to check for the violations,” suggest Faiz Mohammed, a businessman and a resident of Tallabkatta in Hyderabad.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines noise above 65 decibels (dB) as noise pollution. Noise becomes harmful when it exceeds 75 dB and is painful above 120 dB. It is recommended noise levels be kept below 65 dB during the day, the WHO describes.

Under the Motor Vehicle (MV) Act, any person that drives a noisy vehicle will be penalised Rs 10,000 and jail term.

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