Hyderabad: Moroccan national deported for overstay, drug peddling

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: A Moroccan national was deported from the city for overstaying and selling drugs. Achbili Amine, the accused, was arrested by the Hyderabad Narcotics Enforcement Wing (HNEW) and had studied in Osmania University during his stay here.

According to the Hyderabad police, Amine’s parents hail from Morocco but they migrated to Saudi Arabia. He is one of heir four children, and he came to Hyderabad on a student visa that was valid till 2018 with a Kingdom of Morocco Passport that was valid upto 2021.

The Moroccan national was admitted in the University of Foreign Relations Office (UFRO), Osmania University, Hyderabad and joined the Post Graduate College, Secunderabad in 2017 into the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) course for 3 years. “Since he was indulging in illegal activities, he was very irregular to the college,” said a press release from the police.

Amine allegedly would attend parties and visit pubs in Hyderabad where he reportedly got addicted to Ganja. He became friends a drug addict/peddler named Sayeed Ali Mohammad Al Kafri, who is a Palestine refugee and also with a local lady in Hyderabad.

Saeed Ali Mohammad Al Kafri was arrested by the Hyderabad police previously, along with his drug supplier Romy Bharat Kalyani earlier by the Mumbai and Goa police in different drug cases.

After learning of Amine’s overstay and other details of his activities, a movement restriction orders was obtained against him and he was kept in a detention Centre at the Central Crime Station, Hyderabad police.

“The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco New Delhi, issued valid Travel Pass to facilitate and allow the travel of the Moroccan citizen to go back to his address at Morocco. The air tickets were booked and reservation was confirmed the journey date on 17.04.2024 from Rajiv Gandhi International Terminal, Hyderabad to Morocco. In this connection the deputed staff along with the deportee is proceeding to RGI Shamshabad, Hyderabad to deport,” the police said.

The Hyderabad police has also appealed to the general public to take caution against youth getting involved with drugs. Parents have been requested to inform the police if they receive information any such activities.

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