Hyderabad: Mother attempts suicide with children; one drowns

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: A three-year-old child drowned as the mother attempted to die by suicide along with her two children at Ameenpur Lake past midnight on Thursday, June 13. 

According to the reports, the woman worked as a software engineer, and her husband often quarrelled regarding their duties towards their three children. Frustrated, she decided to die by suicide with all her children. 

When Siasat.com contacted officials from Ameenpur police station, he said, “While on patrol near the lake, we heard a noise and immediately proceeded to check it. Despite the darkness, we managed to spot and rescue the women and children in distress. We swiftly transported them to a nearby hospital to receive the necessary medical care.” 

He added, “Upon arriving at the hospital, the woman regained some consciousness and informed us that there was another child with her. We went back to search for the three-year-old, but by the time we discovered him, he was dead already.”

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The police have registered a case against the engineer, whose condition is reportedly stable now.

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