Hyderabad: Mother kills son for attacking family in inebriated state

Hyderabad: A 55 year old woman named Appala Chittemma killed her son with an axe after he reportedly tried to attack her and her grandchildren under the influence of alcohol.

The incident took place at Ibrahimpatnam at around 7pm when she attacked him who was sitting outside of the house. The police identified the deceased as Appala Bala Kotayya, a truck driver from Kotikalapudi Village.

According to the police, Kotayya had two children with his recently divorced wife Sirisha and Chittemma had invited her grandchildren to celebrate Ram Navami on Sunday. On Monday evening, Kotayya came home in an inebriated state and tried to attack Chittemma and his children with a sickle. Chittemma fled with the children and found refuge in a neighbor’s house.

“Fearing that her son would attack them again, Chittemma attacked him with an axe killing him on the spot to save her grandchildren from him,” the police said.

The police have registered a case under IPC Section 302 after collecting statements from neighbors and family members.