Hyderabad: Mufti police now to roam in full plainclothes

Hyderabad: Police higher ups in the city have revamped ‘Mufti’ cops to blend in with crowds to man law and order in stealth. Unlike earlier when a policeman in ‘Mufti’ meant he would be in khaki pants, cops now have the green signal to roam in plainclothes fully.

Depending on the occasion or event, policemen in Hyderabad are given a dress code to follow to thoroughly mix with gathering. For example, the Muharram processions that took place in Hyderabad a day earlier on Tuesday..

At the inauguration of the Command and Control Centre at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad last week, a group of youngsters caught the eyes of reporters. They were wearing black pants and plain shirts. The team, standing in two rows forming ‘police files’ were actually a group of cops from the City Police Headquarters.

They were assigned with the duty of mixing with the gathering for the inaugural program and keeping an eye on visitors. The team doubled up as spotters standing near corporate offices close to the Hyderabad Command and Control Centre. They taking note of happenings around.

On Tuesday during the Muharram procession in Hyderabad, a group of Telugu speaking youngsters caught the eyes of procession participants. A closer look at them revealed that the youngsters wearing black jeans and t-shirts were policemen from the City Police Headquarters as well. Similarly, they were assigned the task of mixing with the participants of the procession and keeping a watch.

The other job assigned was to form a chain near the Ashurkhanas where the Bibi ka Alam would stop briefly and prevent anyone from getting near the Bibi ka Alam.

A senior police official from Hyderabad explained that the ‘Mufti’ cops play an important role. Special teams of civil police are now deployed for public meetings, procession and big gatherings. “Special emphasis is given on the clothes of the mufti police team to con the public,” he added.