Hyderabad: Muslims urged to offer Friday Namaz in local mosques

Hyderabad: Several Muslim religious leaders and community elders urged the community to observe restraint and show patience if anyone anti-social elements cause provocation during the final day of Ganesh immersions in the city.

Unanimously, all of them appealed to the community to attend prayers at local mosques in their localities. Maulana Qubool Pasha Quadri, one of those who made the appeal, said that the time demands all Muslims to show patience and not anger. He asked Muslims in Hyderabad to not react violently to any attempts of anti-social elements intending to tarnish the social fabric in Hyderabad and Telangana.

He requested people to avoid going far for Friday prayers and to attend prayers at local mosques in their respective localities on Friday.

Mohd Mushtaq Malik, president of the Tehreek Muslim Shabban, said people should set an example of tolerance by foiling attempts of anyone who want to create trouble. He advised people to attend prayers at the Jamia Masjid of their locality or any other local mosques in Hyderabad. “It is a smarter move to show tolerance than going anywhere and falling victim to game plans of radical forces to foment trouble during the Ganesh immersion procession,” he added.

Hafiz Muzaffar Hussain of Sunni United Forum of India also appealed to Muslims to be away from Ganesh procession routes and attend prayers at mosques near their houses. He said it is not wrong to extend festivities to other communities on festivals. “However the situation is quite different now when communal forces are awaiting opportunity to spread hatred and resort to trouble on slightest opportunity,” he added.