Hyderabad: Nagole flyover works soon to be completed by GHMC

Hyderabad: The construction of the flyover in Nagole is in its final stages, said the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) on Monday.

The proposed flyover in Nagole will make it easy for those travelling from LB Nagar to Uppal and from there to Warangal, Yadadri Bhuvanagiri districts or Secunderabad and ECL areas without any disruption to the main traffic.

The proposed plan details a 200 feet, two-lane flyover with a width of 24 meters and 6 lines of bi-directional carriageways. It will have 23 pillars and a 600 meters viaduct of 22 spans position with 300 meters approach length.

The cost of land acquisition and utility shifting of the flyover in Nagole is Rs.143.58 crores while the building of a 990 mt corridor was undertaken at a cost of Rs. 69 crores.

“This flyover will provide a signal-free transport system for traffic from LB Nagar. Thus saving diesel, increase in vehicle speed, travel time is reduced and vehicle maintenance cost is likely to be reduced. All the remaining 15 works undertaken by Strategic Road Development Project (SRDP) will be completed by the end of 2023,” stated the GHMC.

A press note from the GHMC said that a total of 41 different types of works have been taken up under SRDP. A total of 47 works have been taken up by National Highways, R&B and HMDA along with 6 more works, out of which 31 works have been completed so far.

“The works undertaken in Nagol will be completed soon and will be available. So far 32 works undertaken by SRDP will be completed. With this, 16 flyovers have provided better transport facilities to citizens. Along with these, 7 ROBs and 5 underpasses have been made available,” said the corporation.