Hyderabad: Neglect of Nizamia General Hospital and girls’ hostel sparks concern

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Despite widespread concerns raised on social media and in newspapers about the deteriorating state of Hyderabad’s iconic Nizamia General Hospital, the government has shown little attention towards addressing the issue. The condition of the girls’ hostel, established eight years ago, remains direly lacking in basic amenities.

The girls’ hostel, founded in 2015, caters to students from various parts of the country pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Despite numerous appeals by students regarding the deteriorating condition of the hostel, no substantial improvements have been made.

The hostel houses around 55 students and is situated adjacent to the highly deteriorated maternity ward of the hospital.

Complaints from students revolve around the lack of essential facilities and sanitation. The hostel’s three floors suffer from inadequate infrastructure, including drainage problems in toilets that have become a daily ordeal.

With just one toilet for every 20 students on each floor, the sanitary conditions are severely compromised. The unclean environment not only affects the students’ health but also deprives them of fresh air.

The presence of pests such as rats in the building further exacerbates the problems. Students find it difficult to ensure the safety of their food, and the disturbances caused by the pests disturb their sleep at night.

Students express frustration at the authorities’ negligence and indifference to their concerns. Despite continuous complaints, basic issues such as drainage problems remain unaddressed.

The students report a lack of proper security arrangements within the hostel, leaving them feeling unsafe during nighttime due to the absence of a permanent warden.

The hostel also lacks mess facilities, forcing students to prepare their own meals. The living conditions in the hostel rooms are deemed inhabitable.

Authorities from the Telangana State Medical Service and Infrastructure Development Corporation have reportedly reviewed the construction work and have given assurances of initiating improvements soon. Despite these promises, students are left to wonder when these issues will be genuinely addressed.

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