Hyderabad: New body floated for migrant communities’ welfare

In an attempt to bring all migrant communities to a single platform, Southern Migrant United Front (SMUF) was formed in Hyderabad on Sunday, August 20, to ensure timely implementation of benefits from both the State and Central governments.

The initiative is aimed at taking up issues concerning residents of Telangana, who belong to other states.

Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, Surender Singh, the man behind the initiative said, “Concerns of these communities are varied and wide, without any inclusive organisations to address them.”

Individuals representing each migrant community from their respective states residing here met together and discussed varied issues at the launch of the initiative. “Membership enrolment will be taken up initially and then activities of common interest would be taken up for the welfare of the members,” added SMUF president Satish Agarwal.

SMUF will also position itself as a bridge between different communities and governments so as to function in collaboration with each other. “We will soon expand to other states and work with the local governments to ensure that the members receive the eligible benefits,” said Singh.