Hyderabad: Nizam’s grandson to move HC on King Koti palace

Hyderabad: Himayat Ali Mirza, Mir Osman Ali Khan’s grandson, has stated that he will file a complaint in the state high court to prevent the King Koti palace from being destroyed.

Since there are other claims to the palace, Himayat Ali Mirza also requested a CBI investigation into the alleged sale of the Nizam’s property. The palace is claimed by two real estate businesses, but the Nizam’s trust remains silent.

Himayar Ali Mirza was quoted by the Times of India as saying, “Many VIPs have been visitng the palace to meet the Nizam. Also, my grandfather Moazzam Jah was married in that place and I have lived there since I was 13 years old.”

According to Himayat Ali, King Koti is the final major symbol of the last king of princely Hyderabad’s legacy structure.

“The palace has been sold. I’m curious as to what the state government does when a historic structure is sold. “I am filing a writ petition at the high court seeking an injunction to prevent the demolition of any part of the King Koti royal compound,” he says.

It should be converted into a hospital where individuals can receive free medical treatment. If the palace is renovated, it should be renamed Nizam’s Hospital; otherwise, he will not remain silent
if heritage and historical monument such as King Koti Palace is demolished.