Hyderabad: No ‘mard’ in AIMIM to contest from Goshamahal, says Raja Singh

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Hyderabad: While intensifying the campaign for the forthcoming Telangana Assembly elections, Goshamahal BJP candidate Raja Singh said that AIMIM is struggling to identify strong leaders to contest against him.

Claiming that Asaduddin Owaisi is selling tickets for the Goshamahal constituency, Raja Singh said that the one bidding the highest amount of money will get the candidature.

Criticizing Owaisi, Raja Singh said, “It seems that Owaisi may follow his past pattern of trading Muslim votes to BRS, as seen in 2018, or to Congress in 2014.”

“Muslims questioning Asadauddin”

Raja Singh also claimed that Muslims, especially in the Old City, are questioning Owaisi on why the party is not fielding a candidate in Goshamahal.

“Despite openly challenging Owaisi to field a candidate against me, he hasn’t found a suitable candidate so far,” said Raja.

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