Hyderabad: ‘Numaish’ mobile app rolled out for exhibition visitors

Hyderabad: The annual consumer exhibition in the city will now facilitate its visitors with a launch of a new mobile application ‘Numaish’.

The mobile app avails four language options for its users including Telugu, Hindi, Urdu and English.

Citizens can download Numaish from Apple and Android app stores in order to explore and shop, access fun zones, and remain updated on various events.

It displays segregated options for shopping stores and a callender of events that will be held at the exhibition through its completion.

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The vice president of the All India Industrial Exhibition Society (AIIES), Ashwin Margam has urged the citizens to download the app.

It further directs the users to the desired shops with an update of a landmark and also navigates towards exit gates.

Children losing their way in the crowd is a usual scene at the Numaish which the app has taken into consideration and allows users to track the missing children’s booth.

The secretary of AIIES, V. Sainath Dayaker said, “The mobile application is expected to enhance the experience of consumers and ease functioning for both the visitors as well as the exhibitors.”