Hyderabad: Offenders with over 10 challans to receive counselling

Hyderabad: In the past, those caught with drunken driving were likely to be jailed.  Now those owners of vehicles with more than 10 challans shall will be compelled to receive counselling from the Cyberabad police.

According to traffic police, the vehicles owners are ignoring the traffic challans and 70 per cent of them are not paying the fines and instead commit fresh traffic violations. The Cyberabad traffic police is preparing a list of such offenders and will be sending it to the police stations where the violators reside.

These traffic violators will be called to the police stations where they will be submitted with a list of pending challans for payment. 

The police will also send these traffic violators to the traffic training institute (TTI) where they will be given a traffic refresher course. The TTI will issue a certificate to those attending the refresher course, a copy of which has to be submitted by them to the local police station.