Hyderabad: Old City deprived of pedestrian crosswalks, calls for equitable development

Hyderabad: While various areas of Hyderabad and Secunderabad have seen the implementation of pedestrian signal systems to facilitate road-crossing, the historic old city appears to have been left out from this modern development initiative. The absence of these modern signal systems in the old city raises questions about equitable development and the prioritization of infrastructural advancements for all residents of the city.

According to an Old City resident M Shekhar, the introduction of pedestrian signal systems in many parts of the city aims to offer pedestrians a safer way to cross busy roads without disrupting the traffic flow. However, this crucial feature seems to have been missing in the bustling old city area, suggesting that the convenience and safety of the old city’s residents are not being given due importance.

Officials have indicated that these pedestrian signals have been strategically placed on some of the busiest thoroughfares, enabling pedestrians to cross roads with the assistance of these signals. While these modern crossings can be spotted in newly developed localities such as Attapur and Bandlaguda, they are noticeably absent on major roads within the old city.

Several bustling roads in the old city, including Engine Bowli, Shah Ali Banda, Bibi Bazar, Santosh Nagar, Bahadurpura, and Chandrayangutta, lack these pedestrian signal systems. The absence of such essential crossings not only inconvenience pedestrians but also contributes to road accidents and unsafe crossings.

Another resident of Old City Ahmed Ali said that the asymmetry in the distribution of modern signal systems between old and new areas of the city reflects an unequal approach to development. To ensure the safety and convenience of pedestrians in the old city, it is imperative for the traffic police department and city administration to promptly identify the busiest roads in this historic area and initiate the installation of pedestrian signal systems at these locations. This step would not only enhance road safety but also demonstrate a commitment to equitable urban development, addressing the needs of all citizens across different parts of Hyderabad.