Hyderabad: Omicron patients recovering quickly, say health officials

Hyderabad: International passengers who arrived in Hyderabad from “at-risk” and other countries, and tested positive for Omicron are recovering at a quick rate, as per health officials.

Although these are early days, health officials monitoring the recovery of the Omicron patients have mentioned that there are no major complications have been detected so far. It is to be noted that 41 international passengers have tested positive for Omicron in the city.

At timers, patients may not even reflect any symptoms after testing positive for the latest COVID-19 variant. Considering the present surge of Omicron cases in the US, Europe, and South Africa officials believe that there may not be an increase in hospitalisation.

According to a report by Telangana Today, health officials mentioned that those who are hospitalised for the treatment of Omicron are recovering well. Shedding light on the situation, a doctor said, “It is still too early to predict anything on severity or recoveries in Telangana. However, at present the signs are very encouraging, as all the Omicron positive passengers are recovering, stable, and do not have symptoms,”