Hyderabad: Organ donation by siblings in true spirit of Raksha Bandhan

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Hyderabad: Raksha Bandhan, which symbolizes sibling love and affection, witnessed an inspiring twist this year as brothers and sisters extended their bond beyond the ceremonial thread. In a display of unparalleled affection, some siblings chose to embark on a journey of organ donation, illuminating the true essence of Rakhi.

Traditionally, Raksha Bandhan sees sisters tying Rakhis to their brothers, wishing for their well-being and prosperity. However, this year, stories of siblings selflessly donating organs to save each other’s lives emerged as a poignant embodiment of the festival’s spirit. Acts of generosity ranged from kidney donations to liver transplants, each narrative carrying the power of sibling love and sacrifice.

One such story revolves around Ganesh, a 35-year-old mason from Visakhapatnam, who battled kidney damage and dependence on dialysis. His elder sister, Chandravathi, aged 43, emerged as his savior by donating one of her kidneys at KIMS-Icon Hospital, Visakhapatnam. This act granted him a new lease on life, all thanks to the expertise of the medical team.

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Similarly, Veerabhadra, a 35-year-old video editor from Raidurgam, found hope in his younger sister Gouthamma, aged 26. With his right kidney severely damaged, Veerabhadra’s younger sister stepped forward, donating her kidney at KIMS Saveera Hospital, Anantapur.

Sheetal Bhandari, a 43-year-old boutique owner from Hyderabad, faced a harrowing kidney ailment. Her younger brother, Dushyanth, aged 37, defied fear to donate his kidney at Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology, Hyderabad. Their story, rooted in the belief of lifelong protection, echoes the festival’s essence, complemented by the unwavering support of the medical staff.

In a reverse gesture, Ajith Sharma, a 60-year-old private worker from Sikkim, received a remarkable Rakhi gift from his younger sister Ramadevi, aged 56. Her kidney donation, facilitated by the doctors at KIMS Hospitals, Secunderabad, not only saved his life but also reaffirmed the unbreakable bond they shared since childhood.

Sandhyarani, a 43-year-old sister from Nirmal, bestowed a unique Rakhi gift upon her elder brother Manohar, aged 47, by donating a portion of her liver at KIMS Hospital, Secunderabad.

These narratives emphasize that the essence of Rakhi transcends traditional rituals, showcasing the extraordinary lengths siblings are willing to go to safeguard each other’s well-being. As the stories unfold, they underscore the enduring spirit of love, sacrifice, and unity that truly defines Raksha Bandhan.

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