Hyderabad: Osmania Biscuits stock worth Rs 36K seized by GHMC

Hyderabad: Inspections were carried out at an Osmania Biscuits manufacturing store and stock worth Rs 36,000 was seized after a customer allegedly found a fly baked right into one of the biscuits.

The Assistant Food Controller of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) carried out an inspection on Sunday.

Vinay Vangala had bought a packet of Osmina biscuits from Miyapur on Saturday. After consuming a few, he found a fly in one of the biscuits.

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Concerned about the hygiene standards of the establishment, he promptly lodged a formal complaint with the local food inspector and the food safety commissioner.

Responding to his complaint, the Assistant Food Controller of GHMC took immediate action, lifted samples and seized the stock.