Hyderabad, other districts of Telangana see surge in domestic violence

Hyderabad: The statistics of crimes against women in the state show that the incidents of atrocities against women in Telangana are increasing day by day. It is a matter of concern that half of the crimes reported are domestic violence. This makes it clear that women are not safe in their own houses. Such incidents are a matter of concern for the entire society and condemnable.

Police officials say that compared to the past, the victims are coming forward with courage to file complaints of crimes against them. Apart from parents and relatives, She Teams a department set up for women’s security in Telangana, is playing an important role.

If we look at crime chart 181 murders, 2126 rapes, 40 murdered for dowry, 126 deaths due to dowry, 4946 Domestic violence, 9071 crimes of honour and 1418 other crimes reported in 2022 in Hyderabad.

She Teams organise programmes, in which awareness is being raised among girls. As a result, the victim girls and women are complaining to the local police station about the crimes against them. Also, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, email as well as QR code scanning have been provided to register cases. Which has also increased the trend of filing cases.

Crimes against women have increased 3.8 percent compared to last year, indicates the seriousness of the situation of atrocities on women. There were 17,253 crimes reported in 2021, while in 2022 17,908 crimes were reported with an increase 8 percent in cases of domestic violence. The unprecedented rise in atrocities in marital issues has become a cause for concern. Compared to 2021, there has been an increase of 40 percent in the year 2022. Due to which the incidents of domestic violence have reached a peak.

The police have also become active against the atrocities. As soon as the cases are registered, it is playing a responsible role in the investigation, collecting evidence, filing of charge sheets and presenting witnesses in the courts.