Hyderabad: Owaisi, MLA Jaffar inaugurate Dabeerpura nala works

Hyderabad: AIMIM president and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi and Yakutpura MLA, Jaffar Hussain Meraj, on Sunday inaugurated the Dabeerpura Phase 1 and Phase 2 nala works, which commenced 15 days ago with an estimated cost of Rs 2.9 crore.

The project, expected to be completed within 30-45 days. It aims to enhance infrastructure in the area.

During the inauguration, discussions also centered on another significant project, the Dabeerpura Naala, connecting to Farhatnagar, requiring a budget of Rs 11 crores. AIMIM representatives expressed confidence in securing approval for the project soon.

Furthermore, under AIMIM’s effective representation, three road widening initiatives are slated to begin shortly — expansion from Shaik Faiz Kaman to Dabeerpura Bridge; upgrades in Naga Bowli, with some pending disbursements for beneficiaries; and evelopment in Bhavani Nagar.